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i will never believe in anything again.

sometimes pretty, sometimes odd.

the resolute urgency of now
i'm a teenager living in the real world, doing all the things i was told not to; and loving every minute of it. i'm a realistic, practical, level-headed female who likes to dream, talk to myself, and imagine scenarios in my head that will never happen. i'm a walking body of irony and a bag of flesh and bone sarcasm; i'm incredibly sick of the stereotypes and judgement the world has come to today. however, i'm also a raging hypocrite sometimes; haven't you ever seen one of those? i'm sometimes pretty and sometimes odd, with a passion for repeating lyrics and posting pictures other people find meaningless. they're meaningful to me; that's what matters.

panic! at the disco. the vampire diaries. audrey kitching. fiction. hairdressing. megan fox. tattoos. ian somerhalder. photography. brendon urie. fall out boy. tumblr. kittens. forests. nina dobrev. art. movies. music. unicorns. btvs. disney. the big bang theory.

i don't know whether to believe in love, at least not anymore, but i know that it's over-rated and comes with far too much pain to be worth it.

most of the time.
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